“Life brings you down numerous ways, however my number one ones lead to the sea shore. The sea blends the heart, motivates the creative mind and carries unceasing bliss to the spirit. A sea breeze comforts a psyche. Hit the dance floor with the waves, move with the ocean.”

1-Ganpatiphule Beach

The sea shore is exceptionally overall quite lovely, the white sand is the significant fascination. Along it is the Ganesh Temple . As a matter of fact in the event that one ends up coming from Ratnagiri ,one can get the brief look at the sea shore up and down the harsh. A visit to the sea shore make you return over and over to the sea shore.

2-Dahanu-Bordi Beach

Bordi Beach is an excellent sea shore and one can take long strolls. It doesn’t is by all accounts an exceptionally jam-packed sea shore, yet was minimal filthy might be a direct result of the celebration occurring around. Likewise, you can attempt Shiv Pani Puri which is 2 kms from the sea shore and is very acclaimed around there.… Very much cleaner than sea shores of Mumbai.

3-Juhu Beach

This sea shore is excellent and stress alleviation . The sea shore is exceptionally perfect likewise . On the off chance that public , keep up it is an excellent palce . I love this a spot a ton . This spot is likewise useful for practicing , running and playing sports .Close to this palce an another astonishing spot is found which is rabbit krishna sanctuary juhu . This is likewise should visited place

4. Shriwardhan Harihareshwar

Carved along the Konkan boundary in Maharashtra, the Shriwardhan Harihareshwar Beach is known for its tranquil and curious climate, ideal for a quiet sea shore occasion. The peaceful town of Harihareshwar is set apart with delicate breezes, delicate sandy sea shores, untainted stretches of coastline, and rich tourist spots of Maratha Kingdom that actually stay excellent. This is the ideal spot for individuals who likes to enjoy loosening up exercises like sun relaxing, sun washing, sea shore strolling, yoga, and contemplation.

5- Mandwa and Kihim Beach

Alibag is not many hours from Mumbai, and Kihim sea shore is extremely near the focal point of Alibag town. This sea shore isn’t highly packed on week days. It’s a long sea shore and at numerous puts on this sea shore there are not really anybody. Nearly the entire sea shore is to yourself. There are not many food trucks close to one of the parking garage. I surmise there is just stopping zone, not certain however. I love one food truck that serves kanda poha the entire day, if accessible. Kanda poha previously or after the long sea shore walk is in every case great. Seeing waves slamming at the shore, anglers’ little brilliant boats moored near the shore, palm trees; and pretty looking houses and resorts at the sea shore are simply adds to the state of mind.

6-Madh Island Beach

It is safe to say that you are wanting to visit Mumbai? In the event that indeed, at that point make Madh Island Beach your must-visit objective. The wonderful Madh Island is a provincial spot, yet it is very pleasant to stroll along the towns that has a place with the anglers. In contrast to numerous sea shores of Mumbai, this is one of the cleanest as it is encircled by mangroves, which adds to its picturesque magnificence. Individuals from various pieces of the city visit this captivating spot to take a break from the jam-packed city life. This flawless sea shore is encased by a group of little towns and farmlands arranged on the North-Western bank of Mumbai, opening a few choices for lodgings, cafés, and spas.

7Marve Manori and Gorai

Another best spot to visit in Mumbai is the Marve Manori and Gorai sea shore that draws in numerous sightseers because of the heavenly perspectives they give of dawn and dusk. These three small sea shores are honored with characteristic excellence and are more renowned for their late night sea shore parties than everything else. While Marve is otherwise called Borivali, which is a bit of fishing town, Manori and Gorai are delightful sea shores that become busy with individuals, particularly during the full moon evenings. Marve is a greater amount of a modern territory of Mumbai… so there are no famous fascination close by these picturesque sea shores aside from a couple of eateries and shops.

8-Tarkarli Beach

The water of Tarkarli Beach is clear and looks considerably more all encompassing with lovely boats in the setting. One can do a variety of things here like, water sports, scuba jumping, swimming, sea shore strolling, sun lounging, sun washing, and so forth and investigate the close by milestones and sea shores.


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