Summer is at last here and going all out. I invest huge loads of energy outside over the late spring (as the majority of us do). That implies jungle gyms, pools, bicycle riding, event congregations, sea shore, so like 97% of the day is spent outside!

I never at any point focused on the sort of sunscreen .

Sunscreen was at the first spot on the list for me when summer came around. I understood subsequent to doing huge loads of examination that mineral-based sunscreens (containing zinc dioxide and titanium oxide explicitly) were the ONLY sort of sunscreens satisfactory for use on myself,

Have you looked at the fixings on your present sunscreens? I truly suggest that you do!

The LAKME SUN EXPERT has been a TRUE distinct advantage for me! Presently I can truly feel good going around the entire summer with my skin is PROTECTED!

LAKME made the ideal facial sunscreen! It resembles it was planned with each and every thing I was searching for to remember for my skincare schedule!

1) Mineral, check!

2) Formulated with 3 fundamental ceramides to secure dampness, check!

3) Protects from UVA/UBV beams, check!

4) Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, check!

5)Fragrance and paraben free, additionally CHECK!

I am appreciative to such an extent that I can utilize this sunscreen and realize I am not utilizing cruel synthetics all over!


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